WWOOF CSA: Coming Soon.


We are nearing the launch of our WWOOF CSA!

As many of you may know already, there are approximately 60 WWOOF farms in South Korea and as a fervent movement for organic farming and sustainable agriculture a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) was the obvious next stage of progression. We had many inquiries about where exactly to find organic produce in Korea and issues about prices for organic produce. The WWOOF CSA deals directly with the farmers and with fixed prices so there will be no fluctuations during the course of the year. When calculated and compared, organic produce through the CSA is actually cheaper than or the same price as conventional produce at a supermarket.

There will be Group WWOOF trips to our CSA farms to take a hands-on look at where and how your food is grown.


WWOOF CSA builds a mutually supportive relationship between producers and consumers and bridges the gap between urban and rural through organic produce.

WWOOF CSA works as a new route for food. Payment is made for a certain time frame upfront and a box of fresh, in-season, organic produce is sent every week. This CSA program is competitively priced and more often than not cheaper as it is based on direct dealing with the producers (farmers).

Consumers may visit the farm directly and see for themselves where and how their food is grown. In addition, as a WWOOF CSA participant (WWOOFee), there will be opportunities to join in on special events. WWOOFee’s will also be able to voice their opinions and help decide what produce is planted for the next season.

We strive to not only help provide an alternative to all of the junk food out there but also to change the food system and raise awareness on organic farming and sustainable agriculture.

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November 23: Harvest Radish

This time’s group WWOOF was held at host farm GG_115, in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do province.
The host became a farmer only two years ago, so he always modestly says he is a beginner.
He produces various kinds of vegetables from season to season.
He mainly provides seasonal vegetables to a coop as what is called Kkuromi (꾸러미), organic food package with other farmers in the area.

This radish harvesting is the last one of the year.
After this he is going to organize the field and find another job during the winter.

As you can see in the pictures we and the host were very happy to complete the last harvest on whole the field!


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